Greetings from Mama Weliya! Here's a little about us:​


Mama Weliya is a small food product family business based out of Northern Virginia. Mama Weliya is certified as meeting all standards for processed products set forth by the Virginia’s Finest Trademark Program created in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.


What was our inspiration?

Well... As corny as it may sound, our inspiration was none other than Mama Weliya. As the daughter of a previous restaurant owner in Marka, Somalia, a lady who was deeply influenced by the East African, Italian, and Arab cultures, and most importantly as a super mother who raised 11 kids, Mama Weliya has evolved into a natural role model, especially in the kitchen! Along the process, she was able to perfect certain recipes for certain products. At this point, we would like to share these food products with the world.   


Why Mama Weliya?

Simple! Mama Weliya brings a unique taste to the health conscious food market. Our products consist of natural herbs, spices, and vegetables. Influenced from a mixture of various cultural backgrounds, our consumers will get to indulge the distinct taste of these products, at no expense to their health. In fact, while benefitting their health in many ways. Please check out the health benefits associated with each of our products (Products Section above).


What’s next?

At Mama Weliya, our number one priority is our customers. We strive to provide the highest quality of products at the most reasonable price. One may ask, “what does this all mean?” Well, it means that our main focus is to streamline our business process for each product we introduce into the market and sustain positive feedback from our customers, before introducing new products within our inventory. Nonetheless, we have some more delicious, unique, and healthy products on the way. Just make sure you stay on this journey with us!

Who We Are

Mama Weliya